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Card/Fob Access Control

Access Control for Vancouver and Western Canada Businesses

Readers, Proximity Cards and Fobs

Security for your business starts at your doors and gates with technology for access control from Vancouver’s Atlas Alarm Systems Ltd. Our access control systems from Keyscan completely manage who does or does not enter your commercial site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When integrated into one of our CCTV systems, access control with readers, prox cards or fobs becomes even more powerful.

With access control systems, the possibilities are endless. You can set specific time conditions for every person, at every door, elevator, or parking gate.

Keys vs. Cards

If the keys to any section of your commercial site are lost or stolen, that security breach can pose an immense and immediate threat to your organization unless you install new locks are installed and make new keys. This process is not only expensive and time consuming but also disrupts the flow of your business day. Replace your old-fashioned keys with our advanced access control system that gives instant control over your site.

Event Logging History

Keep a record of employees, visitors and contractors who enter and leave your premises as another level of security. The Keyscan software will record all activity, which you can then compile into a report. This allows you not only to have complete control of employee activity, but also gives you information about employee activity that may be helpful in running a more efficient business. The technology for logging an event history can empower your access control system to help you:

24-hour ULC monitoring

Burglary and intrusion protection

CCTV systems

Life Alert®

Contact us for complete information about how we can help you with access control at your Vancouver business or anywhere else in Western Canada.

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