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Life Alert

Help with Independence – Life Alert® Alarm in Vancouver

Medical Alert

You don’t have to sacrifice independence for security in case of an emergency with a Life Alert® alarm monitored in Vancouver. These medical alert alarms from Atlas Alarm Systems Ltd allow senior citizens or those with medical problems to live on their own. The basic equipment that you see is simple with a wireless, waterproof pendant or a wireless waterproof wristband that has a button right at your fingertips. Simply pushing that button will send a signal to our 24-hour monitoring station and help is immediately on the way.

Panic Button

A Life Alert alarm can also be your panic button for other emergencies such as home intrusions. They also help provide protection for those who work alone, and your help button alarm can be installed through a landline or wirelessly. Whichever installation you choose, when you press the panic button, the operators at our monitoring centre in Vancouver will dispatch the proper authorities.

Contact us for more information about a Life Alert® alarm that meets your needs.

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